Zodiac signs from least to most fixated, according to numerology


Sags love having the freedom of a bird. They believe that all choices affecting their lives should be made by them alone.


The last thing an Aquarian desires is to be obsessed because they think that showing emotion is a sign of weakness.


Geminis are ever-evolving, ever-changing people. Gemini finds it boring when their attention is solely focused on one item.


Too responsible and controlled to have an obsession, Capricorns.


Virgos do not have the same tendency to fall in love with people or partnerships as other people do.


Leos are far too ambitious and self-reliant to be readily fixated. Because they have a strong sense of self, they don't depend on other people's opinions or praise.


The only thing that is more appreciated than their intransigence is the Aries' zeal, which under the right circumstances could turn into an obsession.


Libras are typically clingy. Because they are overly attached to the idea of having a person in their lives, they frequently base their actuality around them.


Piscean people possess the highest level of emotional intellect.


After his desires are made obvious to him, a Taurean will zealously and blindly follow them.