Which Zodiac Signs You Can Trust Most, Least, and Why


Virgo is the perfect example of trustworthiness because they are strong, trustworthy, and honest. Their attention to detail makes them very strict about being on time.


Like Virgo, Taurus is an earth sign. Like Virgo, Taurus is also a high-trust sign.


People born under this sign can be trusted, even if it's just because they are very honest.


Cancer is a loving sign that will be there for you when you need them the most.


Scorpios like to keep things to themselves, but that doesn't mean they are bad people.


If Leo really cares about someone, they will always stay true to them.


Sagittarius is a great friend who is honest and direct, but their words may not always come from a place of understanding.


Aries is one of those signs that can be effective in some situations but not in others.

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