What you should know about the best companions of the zodiac signs


When you party with an Aries, no two nights are ever the same, so you need a partner who can keep up with your energy level pace for pace, help feed your wilder inclinations, and stay around to clean up the mess afterward.


Your earth sign needs someone who can match your stable, reliable attitude and JOMO-loving mentality.


You need a partner who can fully comprehend you because of your free-spirited personality, which cannot be neatly boxed up and labelled.


The rock-solid crab is known to respect consistency in all facets of life, and the people you choose to hang out with are no exception.


It's impossible to be angry with this flaming sun since they are so endearing when they think they are the sun around which the universe revolves.


Your fastidious sign, which is ruled by Mercury, distrusts nothing more than the idea of running into someone in the toilet line and becoming best friends right away.


You don't mind living life on the edge, but you frequently need a push to get out of your comfort zone.


You are drawn to people who make you want to protect them from the outside world because of your inner mama bear instinct.


Your emotional sensitivity makes you appear to be a hopeless romantic, but it also allows you to notice things that others are unable to.


In the Capricorn's code, quality prevails over quantity, so rather than wasting their time on a large group of "maybe" mates, they would rather devote their time to cultivating a small number of meaningful ties.