These are your biggest fears according to your zodiac sign

Aries: Following instructions

Since you are both leaders and infants, the sign of Aries is known as the zodiac's boss babies.

Taurus: Complete disarray

To the bull of the zodiac, a regular timetable is like oxygen; if you break it, you can't breathe.

Boredom, Gemini

It is well known that Geminis can be intense. The twins' oscillation between diametrically opposed poles is, after all, suitable.

Ignorance of cancer

Cancers are the astrological signs that frequently cause the greatest anxiety in other people. The crab is about protection from the deepest, most lasting childhood wounds of all.

Libra: Divorcing

Libras respect teamwork because we can accomplish so much more as a group than we can alone.

Scorpio: Continuous observation

Because it is irrelevant how the Scorpio acquired the SSN of your former social partner,

Sagittarius: Simple lifestyle

In the same way that Belle does as she strolls through her tiny French town center, Sagittarius yearns for exotic adventure.

Capricorn: Wasted potential

Yes, Capricorns are persistent con artists, but why? Money, fame, or a lasting legacy?

Aquarius: Feeling excluded

The origin of the Aquarian mindset is fear of feeling out of place. Somewhere in the zodiac, no one is too odd to get a seat at the meal.