The zodiac signs with the greatest sense of humor, listed


Gemini are naturally good entertainers, so you may put it down to their dual personality.


A Sagittarian is quick on their feet and can find humor in almost any circumstance.


Leo makes up for what they lack in humorous ability with pure charisma.


Being one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac is always advantageous, but Libras also benefit from having a strong creative streak that prevents them from ever repeating the same joke twice.


There aren't any fart jokes fit for frat boys here. When an Aries makes you laugh, it's usually by dropping some cheeky wordplay that you wish you had thought of first or slipping in a tongue-in-cheek double entendre while everyone is looking the other way.


Instead of lurking in the shadows in the middle of the room, you'll discover a Virgo delivering a caustic statement to seemingly no one or employing sardonic irony to convey their point.


You'd better brush off your armor if you want to roll with a Scorpio. Their amazing ability to articulate exactly what's on their mind means that their punchlines can often land with the power of a blow.


This earth sign's sense of humor often drifts without the Leo's inherent ability to put on a show. In real life, you'll either see them being amusing naturally or trying much too hard to make someone grin.


As much as everyone else, a Capricorn enjoys a good joke, but they don't tend to laugh for sympathy.


You'll be shocked to learn that this passionate and brooding sign occasionally relies on a well-intended practical joke to break out of their shell when life gets a little too serious.

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