The zodiac signs with the greatest IQs, from highest to lowest


When it comes to the zodiac signs with the highest intelligence, it should come as no surprise that Aquarians are in the top.


Although they are known for being perfectionists, Virgos also possess a frustratingly unfailing sense of logic and practicality, which, when combined with their unwavering attention to detail, makes them as sharp as a tack.


Yes, they can be intense and passionate, but if you want to find out if your ex is seeing someone new, the first person you call in your contact book is definitely a Scorpio.


This one is more than just a gorgeous face! Although Gemini has a well-deserved reputation as the social butterfly of the zodiac, they are also nimble when it comes to processing complex information.


They are incredibly practical and disciplined, and their methodical approach to problem-solving is what makes them valuable employees.


Aries are difficult to read because they have razor-sharp wit to go along with their street smarts and are eager to use it liberally on anyone who gets in the way of their short fuse.


A Leo has it all figured out in the eyes of the world, regardless of what they know or don't know.


Don't call Pisces the "not the sharpest knife in the drawer" just yet.