The zodiac signs after a breakup: How the stars can help you mend a broken heart


Long, in-depth discussions to process your emotions and find closure in order to truly move on? Yawn.


Venus rules Taureans, who are generous lovers—to the point where you frequently stay in a relationship longer than you should.


Fluttering away from a fruitless relationship isn't the clean break that the celestial butterflies of the zodiac sphere would wish for.


Your hard exterior conceals a soft interior, as represented by the crab.


The lions of the zodiac wheel treat a split as a competitive sport—either you win or you lose. If there is one thing you should know about the zodiac signs after a breakup, it is that.


The fish of the zodiac wheel are content to float in the fantasy-filled waters, but a breakup may serve as a wake-up call that causes you to swim away to safety.


Some might think that because of your distant, aloof demeanour, you don't believe in love.


Sagittarians are the thrill-seekers of the zodiac since they are the final fire sign. There is probably better waiting around the corner, therefore no woman, no crying over a split.

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