The Top 7 Probiotic Foods For Gut Health


You may have heard that eating cocoa is healthy. That is as a result of the high antioxidant content of the cocoa beans used to create that chocolate.

Soy milk with cultures

You don't have to consume dairy to satisfy your probiotic yoghurt craving.


Smooth, mildly tart, and drinkable yoghurt known as kefir is made with a variety of live, active organisms.


Kombucha has a devoted and powerful following for a reason. It's fizzy, tangy, and even has a faint vinegar-like flavour.


Pickling cucumbers increases their microbial content and increases their nutritional value.

Unrefined Bread

With the aid of a lactic acid starter containing lactobacillus strains, this chewy, slightly sour bread is created.


Yogurt, the most well-known probiotic product, deserves a mention.