The New Punisher Is Replacing Frank Castle, Marvel Confirms

Speculation arises regarding the new Punisher's identity, potentially being filled by the X-Men character Cable.

Similar energy weapons between the new Punisher and Cable support this theory.

The upcoming Fall of X era will disperse the X-Men, providing a reason for Cable seeking a new role.

Nightcrawler has already become the Uncanny Spider-Man, suggesting mutants adopting other Marvel characters' mantles.

The X-Men comics have confirmed that Orchis plans to neutralize Cable.

Other characters could also take on the Punisher mantle.

The article mentions connections between these potential candidates and the Punisher.

The article explores the potential reasons behind mutant heroes adopting new roles and identities.

The X-Men franchise and its upcoming storylines are being discussed in relation to the new Punisher's identity.