The finest qualities of the Zodiac signs


Since that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they also prefer to win in the bedroom.


As an earth sign, they need to fully experience all of their emotions in order to completely enjoy being with someone. Love isn't simply physical for them.


A Gemini can quickly lose interest if you don't keep them captivated because they are the gregarious animals of the zodiac wheel.


For this sign, who is emotionally stable, love is all about igniting passions.


A Virgo, who is obsessively meticulous to a fault, gets really turned on when they realise how much work and thought you have put into organising a date.


Balance is vital to a Libra; if you approach them too forcefully, they will run away.


A Scorpio is intense and emotionally charged in equal measure, and they enjoy pushing the limits of authority.


A Sagittarius is known for having an intrinsic sense of adventure and is constantly seeking out novel experiences, so commonplace concepts won't do.


Given their drive for success, Capricorns' propensity for goal-setting in the bedroom should come as no surprise.


Make sure you are engaging their head before their body since an Aquarius will light up intellectually before anything else.


A Pisces is a hopeless romantic at heart, living for the fairytale.