The best romantic comedy, according to your zodiac sign


Aries people are renowned for being arrogant, irritable, and stubborn.


You have a lot of resolve, dependability, and drive.


The ideal choice for you, Gemini, is the 1954 classic starring Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn.


Most Cancers can identify with this timeless romantic comedy because you're loyal, passionate, and frequently gloomy.


The main attraction of Khoobsurat may be Fawad Khan's portrayal of a Disney prince, but if you can get past the stiff kurtas and well-trimmed beard,


You're infatuated with the idea of romance and a lasting relationship, so it seems sense that Aisha's ever-optimistic sense of matchmaking will resonate with you the most.


The iconic The Princess Bride is the only romantic comedy that would be appropriate for you, Scorpio.


What could be a better movie for a Sagittarius than a collection of tales that explore every aspect of modern love and relationships? In the film, four men and five women strive to maintain their romantic relationships.


You're a Pisces, so the notion that two odd people might fall in love with one another is just up your alley.

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