The Best Friend for Each Sign of the Zodiac


Aries is a talkative, energetic, and sometimes fighty sign, so Libra is a good match for it.


A Taurus can easily lose their head, either in the sky or by getting angry. So, this sign needs someone who can bring it back down to earth, like Virgo.


Gemini is a sign that works best with people who are just like them. They are happy-go-lucky people who look for friends with the same zest for life.


Cancer is another sign that generally sticks with people from the same group.


Leo and Aquarius are both very outgoing signs of the zodiac, so it makes sense that they would work well together.


Virgo is a very caring earth sign, so they enjoy helping their friends, especially when it comes to giving them mental support.


Libra is a very easygoing sign, and it's not hard for them to make friends. "Libra likes to have friends with whom they can just be themselves and chill out," Faulkner says.


Scorpios want close, long-lasting friends. People born under this sign care a lot about their friendships and want to know them better than anyone else.


Sagittarius is the sign of the great traveller. Because of this, they need friends who are willing to do anything.

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