The 8 Most Common Types of Dogs for 2023

labrador retrievers

It probably has something to do with versatility. Several things make Labrador Retrievers extremely popular.


Their massive popularity plays a small role in the popularity of the Georgia Bulldog.

German Shepherd

Nothing is more quintessentially a "cop" than a German Shepherd. loyal and good enough


Rottweilers are very loyal family members. Much of the popularity is due to their lovable nature.

Doberman Pinscher

In fact, they are one of the most common types of dogs around because of their incredibly happy and loving natures.

great danes

Weighs approximately 175 pounds.They are also loving, hilarious, and happy-go-lucky dogs.

Golden retrievers

These are the most common types of dog breeds, but they are not ordered in terms of popularity. These are beautiful dogs physically.


Beagles are hardworking, athletic animals. They have the most powerful noses in the animal kingdom. However, if you harness that inquisitive nature.

Orange Lightning

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