The 8 Best German Dog Breeds for Families


This breed, which is renowned for its spirited intellect, has long served as ratters, herders, protectors, and hunters on family farms.


Despite its moniker, the American Eskimo was developed from the German Spitz, a Nordic breed.


The low-set frame and pointed snout of this breed make it easy to identify.


This obscure race was created by crossing a Wolf Spitz, Chow Chow, and a Samoyed.


The tiny Pomeranian is renowned for its sassy personality and is bold and spunky.


This powerful, brave breed, descended from the mastiffs of the Roman legion, makes a devoted friend and protector.


Originally bred in Germany as a gun dog to manage large game like bears and mountain lions, this devoted and affectionate dog has since become known worldwide.

Large Dane

The Great Dane is an affectionate and trustworthy animal. The breed, which was originally developed for boar hunting, is surprisingly gentle, particularly around kids.