San Francisco’s downtown is a wake-up call for other cities

Decreased Foot Traffic

Downtown San Francisco has experienced a significant decline in foot traffic, leading to a 30% decrease in business for establishments like Sam's Cable Car Lounge.

Empty Storefronts

The streets of downtown San Francisco are now marked by numerous empty storefronts, indicating the struggles faced by businesses in attracting customers.

Closure of Major Retailers

Prominent retailers like Uniqlo, Nordstrom Rack, and Anthropologie have permanently closed their stores in downtown San Francisco, further contributing to the desolate atmosphere.

Hotels Surrendered to Lenders

Two prominent hotels, including a Hilton, have also been given back to their lenders by their owners due to the adverse impact of reduced tourism and occupancy rates.

Downtown pharmacies have resorted to locking up essential items such as shampoo, toothpaste, and other toiletries, possibly due to increased incidents of theft.

Increase in Criminal Activity

The area has witnessed armed robberies, as exemplified by a recent incident at a Gucci store that occurred during broad daylight, highlighting the rise in crime rates.

Loss of Electric Ambience

The vibrant and bustling atmosphere that once characterized downtown San Francisco has diminished, with a notable decline in the number of people on the streets.

Pleas for Support

Local businesses like Sam's Cable Car Lounge have put up signs urging the community to support them, emphasizing the urgent need for patronage to survive these challenging times.

Although the pandemic is receding, downtown San Francisco continues to grapple with the aftermath, struggling to regain its pre-pandemic vibrancy and economic stability.