Ranking of the smartest dog breeds

Terrier dog

The border collie is the smartest canine breed known to man, according The Intelligence of Dogs, which assesses 131 dog breeds based on their relative intelligence.


The poodle, one of several attractive French dog breeds, is frequently thought of as requiring a lot of upkeep. (After all, that curly hair won't style itself.)

German Sheepdog

According to Coren's assessment, the German shepherd is the second smartest herding dog and the third smartest canine overall.

Retriever, a golden

Canine intelligence is more than simply mental acuity. The ability of golden retrievers to "comply with commands or responsibilities demanded of them by their masters," as Cline put it, propels them to the fourth position in the list.

German Pinscher Dog

Described by the AKC as fearless, loyal, and alert, the highly intelligent and readily trainable Doberman pinscher

Scottish sheepdog

The small Shetland sheepdog performs all the functions of a larger herding dog while consuming far less food.

Retrievers from Labrador

developed by Newfoundland inhabitants in Canada during the 16th century


The papillon is the smallest breed of the brightest dog breeds according to Coren.


The rottweiler is a breed that has been around since the time of the Roman Empire, when it was employed to herd animals.

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