Now that's doggie affection! 9 Cute Indices Your Puppy Really Loves You Forever

Wherever You Go, People Follow You

Indeed, that TikTok with a toddler singing "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga while a dog follows its owner into every room of the house comes to mind.

Sitting on You or Leaning Against You

Similar to following you, lying next to, next to, or against you is a paw-some show of canine love.

Kissing You

Dogs don't waste time with people they don't want to be around, to reiterate.


The tail is everything. Dogs utilise their tails to express how they feel about other dogs; for example, if their tail is between their knees, they are uneasy about that dog.

Keeping the gaze

Does your dog enjoy making very close eye contact? She can't express how much she loves you verbally, so instead, she uses her eyes to do so.

In Your Bed or Near You

Does your dog share a bed with you, a room with you, or sleep nearby?

Greetings to You with Joy and Excitement

If you always have a wonderful welcome home, that's some genuine puppy love.

A Beloved Toy Is Being Brought To You

You've been picked! It's a very sweet gesture when a dog presents you their favourite toy—or, more accurately, any toy.