Looking for some emotional assistance? Ten Dog Breeds That May Reduce Anxiety

Labrador Retriever in English

There are two different kinds of Labradors, which many people are unaware of, claims Cattet.

Golden Doodle

These sociable canines make excellent PSDs because they are amiable and willing to please. Once more, try to find those that originate from the show line.

Poodle or Doodle in general

In contrast to their smaller counterparts, Standard Poodles are intelligent and robust. They normally train easy and are wonderful with families.

King Charles Spaniel Cavalier

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the ideal canine companion if you're seeking for a loving, kind companion.

Canine Bichon

Are you allergic to dogs, yet wish you had one to give emotional support and aid you with anxiety?

Kennel Dog

You've located a low-key dog if that's what you're after. They move steadily but not quickly. Basset hounds are obedient and devoted companions.


This lively "hotdog" dog is intelligent. Being born to hunt, they are courageous and watchful. Their endearing character and distinctive appearance gain them adoring followers worldwide.


Want to be the only person someone loves? Given that they tend to form strong bonds with just one person, Chihuahuas make suitable candidates for emotional support dogs.


These adorable creatures have a face that only a pet parent could adore.


Your beloved rescue dog might be a wonderful anxiety companion. According to Cattet, "Any dog can be the ideal friend to help with your emotional support if they have the correct temperament and trainability."