July 2023 new moon in Cancer creates ‘sex magic’ for all zodiac signs

The new moon in Cancer represents a fresh start and a time to set intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle.

Cancer is associated with the fourth house of roots and ancestry, emphasizing the themes of homecoming, nourishment, gratitude, and connectedness.

The new moon is the darkest phase of the moon's cycle, symbolizing pure potential and the invitation to begin anew.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, making this particular new moon in Cancer especially powerful for intuitive work and allowing intuition to guide decision-making.

The moon's invisibility during this phase represents the shadow parts of ourselves that we often keep hidden from others and fail to address within ourselves.

This new moon encourages us to explore and heal these shadow aspects, integrating them into our lives for personal growth and transformation.

Initiatory energy is heightened during this new moon, making it an ideal time to embark on new projects, start fresh in relationships, or take steps towards personal development.

Cancer's energy brings forth emotions and vulnerability, allowing us to connect with our inner selves and deepen our understanding of our own needs and desires.

The new moon in cardinal Cancer signifies a period of emotional rebirth, where we can release old patterns and emotional baggage to create space for new experiences and growth.

This lunar cycle offers an opportunity to nurture ourselves, establish healthy boundaries, and cultivate a sense of security and stability within our lives.