How Venus Retrograde 2023 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

Venus retrograde encourages revisiting activities that bring joy and focusing on personal desires.

2. Taurus

Venus retrograde prompts revising self-expression behind closed doors and dynamics with family or roommates.

3. Gemini

Venus retrograde affects communication and encourages reconsidering how thoughts are translated to others.

4. Cancer

Venus retrograde influences the relationship with possessions and urges appreciation for what is already owned.

5. Leo

Venus retrograde prompts a rebranding of self-perception and emphasizes self-focus rather than seeking external approval.

6. Virgo

Venus retrograde encourages introspection and self-love, even for those who prefer privacy.

7. Libra

Venus retrograde prompts revisions in friendships and alliances, focusing on feeling appreciated and valued.

8. Scorpio

Venus retrograde leads to changes in public and professional presentation, including potential personal rebranding.

9. Sagittarius

Venus retrograde encourages reconsideration of beliefs and alignment with personal identity.

10. Capricorn

Venus retrograde prompts expressing needs and setting boundaries in intimate connections and shared resources.