From the Most Stubborn to the Least Persistent Zodiac Signs


The bullheaded Taurus will never back down because it is a bull sign. Unquestionably, the sign of Taurus is the most stubborn in the entire zodiac.


Capricorns are unyielding in their pursuit of their objectives and won't back down. If you have indisputable evidence, Capricorn is (somewhat) more malleable than Taurus in that you can persuade them to modify their mind.


Leo is reluctant to confess when they are mistaken, even when they are. A fire sign ruled by the Sun, Leo has a strong ego and doesn't take lightly to having that ego damaged.


Scorpio is a self-aware sign that always follows their morals. Scorpio stands out as the glaring exception to the general rule that most water signs have a "go with the flow" energy.


Aries are brash and independent; they detest being dictated to. Aries is an action-oriented sign with a predilection for leadership because it is ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression.


Forward-thinking The principles of Aquarius don't like to be questioned. One of the zodiac's most forward-thinking signs, Aquarius is an educated and creative air sign.


Virgos are generally laid-back, but they want evidence before changing their beliefs. The tenacity of Virgo can be either extreme or mild.


Sagittarius tends to be flexible but might become fixated on their life goals. Sagittarius is a joyful, sociable, and free-spirited sign who thrives on personal independence and despises being chained to a fixed schedule.


Sensitive Cancer is particularly obstinate while defending traditions. Cancer is a very emotional sign and is typically constantly sensitive to the feelings of those around them.

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