Best Superfoods for Weight Loss

Black beans

A cup of black beans packs 15 grams of satisfying protein and doesn't contain any of the saturated fat found in other protein sources, like red meat.


Oats are rich in a type of soluble fiber called beta-glucan. It can keep you feel full throughout the day and may help reduce cholesterol.


These emerald beauties contain monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), a heart-healthy type of fat that can keep you full for longer periods and stave off hunger.


As a source of protein, you can't go wrong with salmon.


There's a reason blueberries edge out other fruits for superfood status.


Cooked or raw, this member of the cabbage family is a stand-up addition to any plate.


Tree nuts, like almonds, may play a role in reducing body mass index and waist circumference, research suggests.

Green tea

Green tea leaves consist mainly of antioxidant-packed polyphenols known for warding off cell damage and inflammation.