8 Zodiac signs experience failed first relationships


Your impatient sign is the quickest method to fall in love and out of it. However, when the positions are reversed, you get angry at breakups.


A lover needs to have the ability to pierce your armour over time. If so, what? Everything is on! Some Cancers put on a tough exterior if a relationship ends abruptly, excoriating your ex to anyone within hearing.


If you are the perfectionist of the zodiac, you might waste a lot of time trying to avoid heartbreak.


Often, Scorpio, you don't realise how emotionally attached people become to you.


Draw in a long breath. A separation may be distressing, but the only way to move past it is to stay still and be with the grief.


Balance is the first thing to disappear when emotional turmoil strikes because Libra is the sign of the scales.


Your penchant for the dramatic may cause your love life to turn strangely Shakespearean.