8 Simple and Healthful Summer Beverages for Children

Invigorating Lime Water

A pitcher of Refreshing Lime Water will be a hit with your youngsters.

Punch with pink lemonade.

This beverage is ideal for princess or birthday parties, baby showers, and even girls' nights out.

A Fresh Water

You can use almost any fruit to make this delicious beverage.

Soda Cherry Basil

This summer beverage is created with sparkling water, fresh cherries, basil, and lemon.

Icy Sweet Peach Tea

When relaxing by the pool on a hot summer afternoon, you will undoubtedly love this beverage.

Cherry Lemon Spritzer

This drink is ideal for gatherings since it pairs well with all the sweet and salty party fare.

Arnold Palmer, slow to melt

On a scorching hot day, this drink is a wonderful way to stay cool.

Orange Lightning

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