8 large Pyrenees hybrid dogs with Great Pyrenees mixes

Superior Bernese

A stunning mix is the Great Bernese. the offspring of a Great Pyrenees and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Mountain Husky

The magnificent giant breed known as the Pyrenees. The Husky and the Great Pyrenees are combined to form the Pyrenees Husky.

Superior Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound and the Great Pyrenees were crossed to create this enormous puppy, known as the Great Wolfhound.

Superior Pytreiver

The Great Pytreiver is a loving, perceptive canine that makes us think of a large golden bear.

Superior Pyredane

the enormous Great Pyredane. a sizable hybrid created by crossing a Great Dane and a Great Pyrenees.


Although the term "Germanees" may be amusing, this cross between a German Shepherd and a Great Pyrenees is no joke.


We have a Great Pyrenees and Poodle mix for you since the Poodle continues to be a very common breed to mix with other dogs.

Orange Lightning

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