8 Indices A Taurus Man Is In Love

He might come off as timid.

A Taurus man's love for you: How do you know? A Taurus man can make a great lover, but he is not likely to be a rake in the cash.

He will communicate with his eyes

If you're concerned that a Taurus man could make romantic overtures to you, remember that he won't feel particularly at ease discussing his feelings.

He'll desire to speak with you frequently.

Which option would you choose? A man who lavishly praises you and utters lovely things, but who rarely makes time for you, or someone who makes time for you?

He will be rather practical

Expect no rapid action from a Taurus man, even if he is interested in you.

He will favor activities at home.

Don't anticipate a Taurus man in love to make dramatic professions of his feelings. When a married Taurus man falls in love with another lady, it can be considerably harder.

He'll be overly cautious.

From picking you up and taking you home to making sure you are secure everywhere you go

He begins to take charge

The normally reserved Taurus man changes into a more assertive character when he is in love because he feels better about himself.