7 Light & Refreshing Summer Drinks

Watermelon Cooler with Cucumber

With 90–95 percent water by weight, watermelon and cucumber are two of the hydrating meals. These elements come together to provide a refreshing and delicately sweet summer beverage that is also nutritious.

home-made sparkling lemonade

Although this sugar-free variation on lemonade is low in sugar, it is definitely high in flavour! Make your own healthy summer beverage in instead of store-bought, sugary lemonade.

Iced lemon tea

Did you know that a serving of store-bought iced tea can have up to 50 grammes of added sugar? Yes, only a few sips provide more than a day's worth of sugar.

Spritzer with Summer Berry

Instead of prosecco, sip on a sparkling spritzer without alcohol. This nutritious summer drink is low-cal, refreshing, and created with just a few ingredients.

Alcohol-free Sangria without Sugar

Sangria made with fruit may taste light and healthful, but it frequently has extra sugar.

Pineapple Tonic with Turmeric

Try this pineapple turmeric tonic if you're looking for a nutritious summer beverage that boosts your metabolism (due to the anti-inflammatory ingredients).

Water with Fruit Flavor

Summer drinks that keep you hydrated don't have to be difficult to make with several ingredients and difficult recipes.

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