7 Foods to Strengthen Your Immune System During Cold and Flu Season

White Tea

This specific type of tea is abundant in a set of pathogen-defeating substances that can guard against certain viral illnesses.

Mushrooms shiitake

Beta-glucans, antiviral substances that have been demonstrated to suppress viral replication and improve immune function, are abundant in shiitake mushrooms.


Here is a nutritious breakfast item rich in a range of probiotics that may help the body fight viral infections.


Traditional medicine has traditionally utilised ginger to treat colds and the flu, and current research demonstrates that ginger offers considerable antiviral advantages.

Cider Vinegar, Apple

During the cold and flu season, apple cider vinegar, a commonly used antiviral, can serve as an immune-boosting meal if you regularly sip it or have been taking it as a supplement.


Allicin, diallyl trisulfide, and ajoene are strong antiviral substances found in garlic that can combat influenza, rhinovirus, and cytomegalovirus (a type of herpes virus)


Cinnamon is more than simply a warming spice; it has long been employed in herbal medicine, and chemical profiling reveals that its active components have antiviral properties.

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