10 Best Dogs to Adopt Right Away for Children and Families

King Charles Spaniel Cavalier

These cute and vivacious companions are created when you combine the portability of a toy breed with the vigour of a sporting one.

Border Collie Dog

Consider a gentle giant like the Bernese Mountain Dog for households that like to dream large.

Malamutes from Alaska

Alaskan Malamutes, whether they are canine or human, will do anything to satisfy their pack.

Canine Labrador

There's a good reason why they've remained the most well-liked dog breed for so long. Kids, adults, other pets, and pretty much everyone else are loved by labs.

Retrievers' Goldens

Golden retrievers, another all-American favourite, truly live up to their reputation as the ideal family pet.


Cute? Check. Friendly? Check? utterly endearing? Do a double check. Beagles undoubtedly thrive on company; these pack animals cannot survive long periods of time alone.

Ireland Setter

Just picture strolling around the neighbourhood in one of these stunning animals. Irish Setters are absolute show stoppers in addition to being talented athletes in their own right.


The ultimate bespoke dog is the poodle. They are available in three colours and three sizes (normal, tiny, and toy) (black, white and apricot).


Consider getting a Vizla if you enjoy sporting dogs but want something a little different from the typical Lab or Golden Retriever.

Spaniel Cocker

The Cocker Spaniel, the smallest dog in the athletic breeds, has some of the softest ears and the prettiest countenance.

Orange Lightning

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