7 Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes to Power You Through Lunch

7 Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes to Power You Through Lunch : I frequently get reader inquiries about vegan breakfast Recipes options. It makes sense because eggs and yogurt are frequently consumed as breakfast foods for many of us. What further choices are available?

7 Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes to Power You Through Lunch

Peanut Butter Coconut Toast :It’s a really simple and well-liked breakfast dish.

Vegan Oatmeal.

Overnight Oats :You can make this quick overnight oats recipe for a quick meal on busy mornings.

Steel-Cut Oatmeal :Our simple, foolproof recipe for steel-cut oats is the cornerstone of a super-nutritious breakfast.

Whole Oat Porridge :Breakfast of whole oat porridge Iron-rich, saturating, and beneficial. All you need for a delicious breakfast is oatmeal, milk, water, and spices.

Homemade Granola :This delicious homemade recipe for healthy granola is created with oats, almonds, cinnamon, vanilla, and maple syrup. So simple!

Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bowl :This cinnamon quinoa breakfast bowl is a delicious and healthy breakfast option.

Good news then! Oatmeal and smoothies, two popular morning dishes, are naturally vegan, while other dishes, like pancakes and muffins, may be converted to veganism with a few simple ingredient substitutions.

These and other traditional vegan breakfast recipes are included below, along with some unusual suggestions that you may not have considered previously. All of them are stimulating, tasty, and fresh—the ideal ingredients for a morning meal.

I hope you’ll give one a try if you want to eat more plant-based meals or just change up your morning routine! You’re sure to find something you like among the oats, scrambles, pancakes, and other options.

Who among us has free time to spend 25 to 30 minutes eating breakfast when there are work deadlines, family responsibilities, or other urgent concerns to attend to? While some people may totally concur with this remark, others may not. But there is one thing we can all agree on: breakfast is one of the most significant meals of the day. When you actually think about it, breakfast literally means to break your fast, which is what your body does when you sleep at night. Breakfast provides additional crucial nutrients needed for optimal health as well as replenishing your body’s supply of glucose to increase your energy and alertness.

Why then do we continue to skip one of the most significant meals of the day? This brings up the topic of poor time management again. We prioritize other tasks over this, so we don’t devote a few precious minutes of our day to something as fundamental as breakfast. As a result, we’ve included 7 fantastic vegan breakfast options that are quick and will make you feel content and joyful.

Vegan Almond Butter Toast

7 Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes to Power You Through Lunch

Almond butter vegan toast is the next item on our list of vegan breakfast options! It’s a really simple and well-liked breakfast dish. It is packed with protein and will give you all morning happiness and energy! If you have a food blender, you may either use store-bought almond butter or make your own using cashew, almond, or any other nut butter. To make it even more delicious, top it with honey, fruit, or a simple jam.


The majority of bean varieties, including kidney, black, pinto, and others, are incredibly important staple foods that are high in protein per serving.
Garbanzo beans, or chickpeas, are another kind of bean with a high protein content.

The majority of bean varieties have 15 grams of protein per cooked cup (170 grams) of weight. They are also great providers of fiber, iron, folate, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, complex carbohydrates, iron, and other healthy plant components.

A diet high in beans and other legumes can also help regulate blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and even reduce belly fat, according to numerous research (44Trusted Source, 45Trusted Source, 46Trusted Source, and 47Trusted Source).
Make a delightful bowl of homemade chili to introduce beans into your diet, or boost your health by adding a dash of turmeric to roasted chickpeas.

Beans are a type of legume that are incredibly high in protein and fiber. Although there are many options on the market, kidney beans, black beans, and pinto beans, among others, are the most well-liked protein sources. One cup of food contains between 10 and 18 grams of protein.


This whole grain has a lot of soluble and insoluble fiber, the latter of which swells in the stomach and contributes to a feeling of fullness. Barley is an affordable, easily available ingredient that is filling, has a substantial flavor, and can be utilized in a number of recipes (including the creation of beer). Barley contains 354 calories, 17g of fiber, 73g of carbohydrates, and 452mg of potassium per 100g meal.


Although processed patties or mysterious “meat” loaves are frequently linked with the ubiquitous vegan protein, this need not be the case. Including soy protein in your diet can help you stay healthy. Tofu, tempeh, edamame, and even soy milk are excellent choices for boosting your protein intake. Consider preparing a stir-fry with tempeh or tofu, boiling some edamame for a quick appetizer, or adding soy milk to your cereal in the morning.

2-4 servings of soy-containing meals per day are linked to many of the health advantages of consuming soy, according to a 2016 analysis in Nutrients.

It can be difficult for vegans to locate acceptable milk because they are not allowed to consume any animal products. Fortunately, soy milk can be a fantastic substitute. Soymilk has 6-7 grams of protein per cup. Additionally, it has been supplemented with calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12. You can choose flavored variants in the market based on your preferences. You can eat it raw or prepare with it in a variety of ways.

Seeds and Nuts

7 Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes to Power You Through Lunch

Big things do really come in small packages. Nuts and seeds are little nutrient powerhouses that guarantee a sufficient supply of amino acids. Additionally, seeds are a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids and low-calorie plant proteins.

Snack on some sesame or pumpkin seeds; one tablespoon of each provides about 4 g of protein. On top of the oatmeal in the morning, add a spoonful or two of chia seeds or hemp seeds, or make chia pudding. Hemp seeds are another excellent source of high-protein vegan food to include in the vegan diet, with an impressive 5 grams per tablespoon.
Despite being legumes, almonds, walnuts, and peanuts are among the best sources of plant protein and make for convenient on-the-go vegan snacks.


These are the ideal foods to include in your diet to increase flavor and protective phytochemicals. Berries are rich in phytochemicals, which are naturally occurring bioactive substances found in plant diets. The protective effects of phytochemicals on our bodies include their role as antioxidants, control over energy metabolism, and enhancement of gastrointestinal health. Eat them plain or as part of a smoothie for breakfast.


7 Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes to Power You Through Lunch

A legume and adaptable plant-based protein, chickpeas are also referred to as garbanzo beans. One-half cup of chickpeas has roughly 7.3 grams of protein and is also high in fiber and low in calories.
Chickpeas can be added to salads, baked in the oven with salt as a crunchy snack, or pureed into hummus.

Dr. Gerbstadt remarked, “You can make a really great meal with some whole-wheat flatbread, some vegetables, and some homemade hummus.” You only need to throw a can of chickpeas, some herbs, and some tahini or walnut oil into a blender to get started.

Another excellent source of protein for vegans is chickpeas, which have 15 grams of protein per cup when cooked. They are a great source of numerous other vitamins and minerals as well. They have a moderate flavor and texture and may be used to salads, dips, and hummus. You can also simply roast them with your favorite spice and oil for the ideal snack.

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