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Pabellon Venezolano

Pabellón criollo is a traditional Venezuelan dish, the local version of the rice and beans combination found throughout the Caribbean. It is a plate of rice, shredded beef in stew and stewed black beans.



Cachitos are a staple in Venezuelan cuisine. Normally, they are eaten during breakfast hours, but they are also known to be eaten throughout the day.



Venezuelan Empanadas have a crisp crust and tender inner texture. The ULTIMATE finger food…perfect for any occasion!


Bollo limpio

For breakfast I like to serve bollitos with perico (eggs scrambled with onions and tomatoes) and grated yellow cheese. In some places in Venezuela, you find bollo pelon, which are bollos stuffed with minced beef or shredded chicken cooked in a sauce.



In Venezuela, arepas often take the place of bread and are eaten throughout the entire day. Arepas can be topped with butter and your preferred spread, served with eggs or filled and eaten like a sandwich.



Cachapas are pancakes made from fresh corn. These tasty morsels from Venezuela are sweet, thick, and folded so they hold your favorite filling.

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Now at the Pardos Kitchen Food Truck you can enjoy our typical Venezuelan cuisine, Empanadas, Tequeños, Arepas and many more delightful dishes. you wanna tried click on to see where you can find us.

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17 may- 19 may Amersfoort
Rrrollende Foodtruckfestival
24 May – 26 may Leiden
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6 Jun – 10 jun 

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