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9 High-Fat Foods With Outstanding Health Advantages

Although dietary fat was traditionally shunned and thought to be a significant cause of heart disease, researchers have discovered that it can really have certain advantages.

The American Heart Association advises keeping saturated fat intake to less than 10% of total calorie intake, nevertheless. Nonetheless, some saturated fats, such as those in dairy, might not be as bad for you as those found in red meat.

Yet, compared to their low-fat or fat-free equivalents, full-fat foods may have advantages. They often include fewer sugar and carbohydrates and are less processed.

Here are 9 really nutritious foods that are heavy in fat.

1.dark chocolate

In addition to being delicious, dark chocolate is also a healthy meal. It has a relatively high fat content, with fat making up about 65% of the calories.

Dark chocolate also contains fibre and a number of important elements, such as iron and magnesium, which some individuals may not get enough of.

It also contains a tonne of antioxidants, including epicatechin and resveratrol, which may have anti-aging and performance-enhancing characteristics. Resveratrol is the antioxidant that provides red wine its health advantages.

It’s crucial to buy dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa because other brands contain more added sugar and fewer of the beneficial vitamins and antioxidants that dark chocolate offers.


Nuts are very nutritious. They are a strong plant-based source of protein and are abundant in fibre and beneficial fats.

Furthermore rich in magnesium, which most people don’t get enough of, nuts also contain vitamin E.

According to studies, those who eat nuts are often healthier and are at a lesser risk of contracting a number of ailments. This includes heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, and a variety of other nuts are all healthy.


The skinny: A medium avocado has approximately 21 grammes of fat. One avocado, which is a creamy, green source of fat, has 9 grammes of fibre.

You know what to do here, so try it. Avocado tastes great in a variety of ways, including simply sliced on toast or mashed into a tangy guacamole. These avocado dishes will demonstrate numerous further inventive uses for this leafy green fruit, including sweets (!) and pasta.


The skinny: Despite their diminutive size, all of the innumerable varieties of olives are fatty and flavorful. Four grammes of fat are included in just one ounce, or around 14 green olives.

Try it: With pizza, pasta, and salads, olives are fantastic. They are also a fantastic accent to a cheese platter when combined with crackers and vegetables.


The skinny: Another fish with a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids and healthful fats is tuna. We’re referring to both the readily available and reasonably priced canned goods (approximately 5 grammes in a typical can) as well as the variety you would discover at your favourite Japanese restaurant (about 5 grammes in 3 ounces, cooked).

Try it: Try seared tuna steaks, tuna burgers, tuna salad on a sandwich or bed of lettuce, or tuna casserole to add this rich seafood to your diet.


The skinny: Because it’s a reliable source of plant-based protein and healthful fats, tofu is adored by vegetarians and vegans alike. Protein is a (what? This nutrient also aids in feelings of fullness and speeds up the recovery of your muscles following exercise.) Although this ingredient doesn’t have as much fat as some of the other meals on our list, a 3-oz. serving of super-firm tofu still has about 4 grammes of fat.

Try it: You can literally use this deliciousness in innumerable different ways. You can quickly prepare dinner by combining tofu, vegetables, and chickpeas on a sheet pan. Try these tofu breakfast ideas if you want to get creative; it makes a terrific base for a smoothie or scramble.


The skinny: Everyone is aware that eggs are a cheap and simple source of protein. Also, the yolks are a fantastic source of fat if you don’t discard them. One extra-large whole egg has 6 grammes of fat. The yolk is often preferred over the egg whites because it contains more nutrients, like selenium and choline, as well as rich flavour. (With regard to egg yolk cholesterol: The most recent nutrition study has indicated that egg yolks can be included in a balanced diet and generally have little effect on cholesterol levels.))

8.Full-fat dairy

The skinny: Dairy, which is rich in protein, contains fat, which is generally satiating. You may not get the same level of satisfaction from lower-fat dairy if you choose full-fat varieties. Each cup of whole milk and full-fat yoghurt has 8 grammes of total fat, including 5 grammes of saturated fat, in addition to a tonne of creaminess and richness.

Try it: Upgrade your low- or no-fat dairy intake and observe how you feel. For example, grab some chocolate whole milk as a post-workout snack or some full-fat Greek yoghurt that you can top with fruit, nuts, and oats.

9.Coconut shredded

The skinny: Coconut can be found in milk, cream, water, oil, fresh meat, and dried flakes, among other delectable forms. Shredded coconut flakes, whether sweetened or unsweetened, include 8 grammes of fat per ounce and a strong flavour of the tropics. But, the nutritious fast content is also substantial in the other forms.

Try it: Toast coconut flakes in a skillet or under the heat for a few minutes until they are light golden-brown and very fragrant. These coconut flakes are excellent on just about anything. Watch them closely to prevent burning.

10.Soy milk

The skinny: Soy milk is rich in healthful fats, much like whole soy beans and products prepared from soy beans. One 8-oz. cup of soy milk has about 3.5 grammes of good lipids, as well as a respectable quantity of vitamins B and D, calcium, and other elements.

Test it: Where is soy milk ineligible for use? This plant-based dairy substitute can be used to produce a variety of savoury foods, including pasta and casseroles, as well as beverages and breakfast cereal.

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